The MST celebrates Jewish life in central Europe

Every week, tens of thousands of people listen to a Czech Torah Scroll being read. Over a thousand communities around the world are remembering the yahrzeit of those who died in the Czech lands during the Shoah. The MST celebrates Jewish life in central Europe, and all because a chance request in Prague that resulted in 1564 scrolls being saved from rotting away in a damp warehouse.

60 in '24

In February 2024 we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Czech Scrolls arriving in London. We invite you in joining with us in a series of celebratory services and events we are planning to take place around the world, starting on Simchat Torah, 2023. You and your community will have a chance to bring out your Scroll and dance with joy.

Scroll Mitsvah

Your Czech Torah scroll is very special and at least 100 years old. Please consider sponsoring an MST sofer to visit and maintain your scroll so it is ready for the 60th anniversary celebrations.

Scroll Gatherings

Can your community host a Scroll Gathering service for your region? We have had gatherings from 20 to 74 Czech Scrolls participating. I hope to be able to join several communities during the celebratory year.

Celebrate with your Czech Torah Scroll

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of your Scroll celebration plans. We'll help publicise and offer you resource materials. 



4th February 2024, London UK

We are delighted to announce Westminster Synagogue will host a Scroll Gathering at Kent House 4th February 2024.

1564 scrolls that survived the Shoah in Prague, were saved from further deterioration under the communists and brought to London in 1964, thanks to the generosity of Ralph Yablon who donated them to the Westminster Synagogue. Subsequently the Memorial Scrolls Trust was set-up as an independent charity to care for the scrolls, retaining close links with the synagogue.

Westminster Synagogue and the Memorial Scrolls Trust look forward to welcoming Scroll Holder Communities and their scrolls to our celebratory service to mark the rescue of the scrolls and their arrival in Knightsbridge, London. 








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